Town Board Meetings
3rd Monday - 6:30 PM
Springvale Town Hall
W10758 Cty Hwy T
Brandon, WI 53919

Meeting dates are subject to change. Watch for agenda postings.

Town of Springvale
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 150
Rosendale, WI 54974

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Town Board Meeting time change for winter months

The Town Board will meet at 6:30 PM for the winter months. Please check the agenda each month for meeting start time.

PLEASE have your garbage and recycle at the end of your driveway by 6:00 am on Tuesday mornings. If your garbage isn't picked up by noon on Wednesday call the Clerk at 920-960-9143 and let her know your name, fire number and street so she can contact Waste Management to request ta pick up. But if the truck went past and the garbage wasn't out (and they are able to track their trucks) they will not come back to pick up garbage or recycling.

Also note that if pick up day is a holiday (as is January 1, 2019) the trucks will be out on Wednesday. There is a new 2019 recycle schedule on this site. Click the recycle tab on the left.

Springvale Town Hall is located at:
W10758 Cty Hwy T
Brandon, WI 53919
Town of Springvale Mailing Address is:
P.O. Box 150
Rosendale, WI 54974
Mail can NOT be delivered to the town hall.

Town Springvale History and Current Day

By an act of the State Legislature approved March 11, 1848, the Town of Springvale was made a separate town.  The name was suggested on account of the numerous vales and springs within its limits. The first land was recorded in 1844 but the people settled in April 1845.

Original Town Hall

The Town of Springvale is located between Rosendale (near its northeast corner) and Brandon (close to the southwest corner of the Town). The cities of Fond du Lac, Ripon and Waupun are within 10 miles. There are two major highways running through the town with State Highway 23 being the east/west corridor and the northern boundary of the Town.  State Highway 26 is the main north/south corridor, with several County Roads running through the town as well.  The Town Hall is located near the center of the Town on County Highway T.

Town Hall

The Town is served by both the Rosendale Fire Department and Brandon/Fairwater Fire Department as well as the First Responders from Rosendale.  The Town has its own road equipment including snow plows, a grader and tractor with mower.

The Town is very rural with approximately 725 residents. Although there are small groupings of homes near Rosendale and Ladoga, the remainder of the town is primarily farms and farmland. It is the desire of the residents that the town remain a rural town.

Town Springvale & Fond du Lac County Map